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What is a Love Shoot? and why should we have one?

These are also known as pre wedding or engagement shoots.

They are a great way to dispel any anxiety you may have about having your portraits done on your wedding day and:

  • To get to know me as your photographer  – which helps you feel more comfortable on the big day!
  • To get to know how I’ll work with you on your wedding day –  so you’ll nail it on your wedding day without even thinking!
  • To get to know yourself in front of the camera – have fun – don’t take it too seriously! :)
  • To get awesome, fun, photos of yourselves not in formal wedding attire. Bonus!

I really can’t stress just how important these shoot’s are and how invaluable my clients find a having a Love Shoot is.

I wish I had done one before I got married – it’s all about the prep! I had one last year just to update our photos and document a special year in our lives together :)  

“Emma was one of the best finds of our wedding. She has been so professional from the start, coming up with new and creative ideas.We had a love shoot, so we could have a practice at posing and relaxing in front of the camera, we didn’t want wooden smiles on the big day. Our photo shoot was in a field setting and we had fun playing around. Emma made us feel relaxed and came up with some great ideas. 

Naomi & Adam x” (quote from Love My Dress blog)

Scroll down for more information and read my really useful tips for having the perfect Love Shoot!


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THEY ARE AMAZING!! we love them so much! You truly have captured amazing moments.
Again, thank you so much for the other day, we really enjoyed it and defo looking forward to
having some more laughs on the big day. xx Sammy + Vicky (above)



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What you get:

  • A shoot in London or a location of your choice within a 30 mile radius of Uckfield.
  • 1-2 hour shoot
  • Confidence in front of the camera!
  • 30+ images as high res downloads
  • Weekdays Tuesday-Thursday November-April (due to busy wedding season) but occasionally I have a few weekday slots available during the summer.
  • Normally 2 hours before sunset – when the sun is lower & softer.

Love Shoots are £300.


What can we expect?
  • Prepare to hug, laugh, kiss, embrace, be silly, talk to and look at each other – embrace the time together and make it fun! :)
  •  Try to relax, be silly, be romantic – it’s your shoot! Treat it as an hour of escapism! and remember i’ll direct you but i can’t force you to relax or look happy 😉 This is down to you both letting go and enjoying it so I always recommend taking the day off together, have lunch, go for a walk and reconnect! We all have super busy lives but I really feel this important to make the most of this shoot, turning up rushed after work, hungry and probably having sat in traffic is not very romantic! 😉
Where should we do the shoot? 

The beach, the city (for an urban look) or a field.

What should we wear?
  • What you wear is super important to the style of the shoot you want to achieve. If its in a field, cool lace boots, cowboy boots, boho dress, flip flops and a floaty dress, or jeans /jean shorts and a cute top… if london you may want to rock a leather jacket, a cap, or hat… if the beach, a cool swimsuit and jeans/jean shorts look super cute. Something you can move freely in is a must! Wear something comfortable and something that makes you feel good and confident!
  • Go for neutrals! blacks, whites, jean etc – colours like red are too much and super difficult to tone down in edit.
  • Try to coordinate with each other, but don’t get too matchy.
  • Girls, have great hair, make up and nails (no need to go over the top – unless you want to! – just what is flattering and natural to you!). This will not only make you look great but feel great in front of the camera. Maybe have your make up trial done the same day? and you can see what it looks like on camera!
  • Guys, have great hair and an outfit that makes you feel good! and no wallets in pockets! 😉
  • Don’t bring a bag – or leave it in a car. I prefer not to take shots with bags and I won’t be able to carry anything as i’ll have all my equipment with me and leave your phones! Just carry some change for a drink…
  • Bring Sunglasses incase its super bright! plus they look cool 😉


MASSIVE top tip! Take the day off!

or at least half a day to connect with each other beforehand, go for lunch, a walk on the beach… it doesn’t work if you’ve just rushed straight from work or sat in traffic for ages – you will both not be in the right mind set to fully make the most of this session :) Please also arrive to the location at least 1 hour before (maybe grab a drink and a bite to eat in a local pub) as I often have meetings the same evening and traffic delays could mean having to reschedule your shoot.


Can we bring our children?

The shoot is to teach you how to relax in front of the camera I prefer to keep it as a ‘couple only’ shoot so you can focus on each other and be in the moment. If you would like a family shoot this can be booked separately.