How to book me as your photographer! YAY!


OH MY GOSH EMMA!!! I can’t even tell you how beautiful and amazing they are, You truly are a camera ninja! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts… you are one incredible lady, The Hevers xx


Everything you need to know about booking me as your fun, relaxed and alternative wedding photographer (including prices, what to expect on the day and my style/approach) is right here!







  • I shoot candidly for about 80% of the day and you’ll feel like i’m a fun friend taking pictures. The other 20% of the time is the only orchestrated part of the day where we do 15-20 minutes max of group shots (more on this later) and about 30 minutes of portraits later on in the day when you are fed, watered and relaxed! 


  • My couples book me because they love my relaxed but fun approach to portraits, groups and candids and i’m always told how I really captured the essence and joy of the day. Read my reviews!


  • The portrait session is super casual too, we walk, we talk, I direct a bit, you kiss, you laugh, I laugh, we head back :) It’s one of my couples fave parts of the day too, its some time to be together for a few minutes away from the hustle and bustle of the day and take a moment to breath!


  • I am also always on hand in the lead up to the wedding with lot’s of advice to help make your day even more epic!





NO one likes too many group shots. I hear so often stories of old skool photographers making everyone do these for too long and the couple get stressed and the guests get annoyed.

We do of course have to do them as they are important but it’s equally important to get them done quickly, simply and as relaxed as possible because no one wants to feel like their wedding day was one big photo shoot! So I shoot 5 group shots, which ones they are are up to you but normally it’s: one big group, immediate family, parents and then bridesmaids with groomsman. This should take about 30 minutes max (10-15 minutes of which is with your bridesmaids and groomsman).

You and your guests would much rather be off enjoying the day, after all it goes so fast.

This is why my style is more relaxed, telling your story through pictures, candidly. This gives you natural images and real moments.




Coverage in my basic package is 8 hours which if there’s little or no travel between venues means i’ll be with you from prep to first dance. If you would like me to stay an extra hour or two I can capture all the funny dance floor shenanigans! (£100p/h) but you can decide on these right up until the week before!




Send me all the wedding info I need through my contact form, then:


1. If the date is free and you would like to go ahead and book reply back to my email with the package you’d like: ‘the photo package’ or ‘the album package’ (you can go over these again here)

2. I’ll then send you an invoice and contract and i’ll require a 50% booking fee (all to be sent/completed within 48 hours as i am unable to hold dates) and thats it! The date is yours! The balance is then due 1st of the month the month before the wedding.

3. You’ll then get a cute little welcome pack with some goodies and my wedding guide…for totally awesome weddings magazine in the post! which covers tons of stuff to make your wedding even more awesome! :) The magazine also tells you what happens after the wedding and when to expect your images etc… (I really wish I had been given this before I got married… It’s sooo useful!)


or if you’d like to meet up first reply back asking to meet and i’ll send you some dates i’m free and we’ll sync diaries!


“AMAZING!! We are so glad we chose you as our photographer!” Steph + Maxt

you first”AMAZING!! We are so glad we chose you as our photographer!” Steph + Max