How do you save money on your wedding?



Money saving tips from my couples!


There are tons of ways to save money on your wedding so you can ensure the most important things are invested in and things like entertainment, dresses, decoration and cakes you can get a little creative saving you tons of money so you can invest in things that are more important like your photography, videographer, food and entertainment!



Need a car? has a friend got a cool / vintage car you can borrow? 

Saving you £300+





Try Asos bridal! They have an amazing wedding dress collection and so affordable! saving hundreds of pounds! or ask your favourite bridal shop when they will be having a sample sale! The bridal shops i recommend in my welcome pack have them at last twice a year! 

Saving you about £500-£1000!

Winding-House-Wedding-photographer-quirky-unicorn-Epic-Love-Story-017    Preston-Court-kent-wedding-photographer-Epic-Love-Story-121

Or my lovely friend at Story of My Dress has vintage dresses (below) and her collection is from £600.00

kent-wedding-photographer-Epic-Love-Story-007    PRINT-SIZE-Epic-Love-Story-030



I’ve had many brides wear flip flops! you really dont need expensive shoes, they often dont get seen either! Go comfy!

Saving £50-£200+






Keep it simple, some brides do their own! and put some flowers in a braid or a cute head piece. Or maybe you have a clever friend who can help?



Bridesmaids Dresses

They really don’t have to be expensive or even match! Asos have an amazing range too! I’ve seen many bridesmaids wear their own shoes.




Have a clever friend make it (like Gemma + Jays friends did below) or do a bake off competition! Guests can bring their own to put on a cake table and it can also double up as dessert! You could even have a winner for best looking/tasting cake or you can go down the M&S route and put pretty flowers around it! 😉

Saving £400+

kent-wedding-photographer-Epic-Love-Story-085    kent-wedding-photographer-Epic-Love-Story-086

Krispy Kreme below!


Guests brought their own and the winner got a prize…




Handmade! pinterest is great for DIY wedding decor! not sure on savings for this one but obviously cheaper than buying! 

A little of bit of time spread over say 4-6 months and you can make some fantastic home-made decorations!

kent-wedding-photographer-woodland-wedding-Epic-Love-Story-021   kent-wedding-photographer-woodland-wedding-Epic-Love-Story-022

kent-wedding-photographer-woodland-wedding-Epic-Love-Story-047   kent-wedding-photographer-woodland-wedding-Epic-Love-Story-031

Sophie loved pom noms and made them as table numbers, backdrops in her her bouquet! (below)

colourful-quirky-upwaltham-barns-sussex-wedding-photographer-Epic-Love-Story-024   colourful-quirky-upwaltham-barns-sussex-wedding-photographer-Epic-Love-Story-025


Homemade pom pom ceiling decoration!


Homemade cocktail bar…


alternative-wedding-photographer-woodland-wedding-venue-kent-Epic-Love-Story-001   alternative-wedding-photographer-woodland-wedding-venue-kent-Epic-Love-Story-014

Get creative with place settings and table plans – write on pebbles, copper, leaves….



Giant balloons, colourful napkins  and lavender plant pots – so simple and doesn’t cost much!




Entertainment/Photo Booth – saving £500+

Create your own! Make a colourful backdrop for the ceremony with ribbon or flowers or pom noms and then you can reuse it to go behind the top table or as a photo booth backdrop later!

Stick a camera with a flash on a tripod and leave a trigger so guests can take as many as they want! and throw £100 worth of polaroids in.

Ask guests to give you all their fancy dress items they have in their wardrobe  – most people have something! and get a clothes rail to hang them on and bring it out in the afternoon or evening – guests love it! Makes for awesome fun photos too!

Make a vintage games like tin can alley and hoopla!







Glenn and Jo bought lots of mexican themed props for the evening and the guests loved it!




Go to a flower market the day before or buy them from m&s and loosely fill vases or bottles like Ceri + Gavin did here for the gin theme! or like Rosie + Jon did and collected lots of mismatching clay + glass vases and pots with wild flowers in… you really dont need to spend more than a couple of hundred pounds and them, maybe just get a florist to do your bouquets!

kent-wedding-photographer-Epic-Love-Story-001-18   quirky-kent-wedding-photographer-Epic-Love-Story-001-5


Loose single flowers in bottles that you can have fun emptying over a few months 😉


So theres a few ideas to keep you going and if you do them all you’ve just saved well over £2k! and this could even afford you to get some extra cool stuff like…

Personalised leather jacket from 

quirky-london-wedding-photographer-Epic-Love-Story-008   quirky-london-wedding-photographer-Epic-Love-Story-007

or you can get an awesome neon sign! and you can hang it somewhere in your home afterwards! (doesn’t have to be this big of course!)


or that dream car you’ve always wanted for the day… and if you get my dream mustang i’ll give you £100 credit towards prints! ;p


xo Emma