2 minute portrait

March 7, 2016

My husband is not a fan of having his photo taken.

In fact i’m probably down playing it A LOT by saying that. He hates it. Unless he’s had a drink. Then he’ll model all day long. OK perhaps that’s a slight fabrication… but you get the picture!

When it comes to photography you couldn’t get two polar opposites. He loves Scenery. I love people.

So this was a rare moment.  I grabbed my camera and here it is… a 2 minute portrait of my love.

ps, my husband said he looks like a big hairy baby having a bath, haha! I think he looks gorgeous 🙂


tunbridge-wells-portrait-photographer005tunbridge-wells-portrait-photographer006 tunbridge-wells-portrait-photographer003 tunbridge-wells-portrait-photographer002 tunbridge-wells-portrait-photographer001