Choosing about 100 images from the (almost) 17000 images I delivered to my 28 couples this year was HARD. I love so many images for so many different reasons. Sometimes i fall in love with an image because i know the story behind it even if it might not be everyones first choice but I’m attached to it because i know the story that got me to that shot. Sometimes i just love the colours , or the light or the ridiculousness of what is happening at that moment.

This. really. wasn’t. easy. I almost feel like I may let a couple down if i dont feature one they were hoping to see in my review but I guess all can do is pick the images that speak to me, for whatever reason that is.

This was my 2nd season since going full time 2 years ago and I honestly loved each and every wedding I shot this year. Everyone was so different and its a total honour to share such a special day and be treated like a guest and a friend. Honestly, THANK YOU to ALL my couples for trusting in me and letting me party hard with you on such an important day <3

I also want to say a little thank you to my photography buddies, Livvy, Anna, Ed, and Sarah who give great support and advice whenever I need it 🙂

I hope this video (thanks Ed! 😉 gives you an insight in to just how amazing this year was and how I literraly live for the fun and emotion in every wedding!

End of year review from Emma on Vimeo.