Why your prep location is just as important as your wedding location…

May 3, 2017


Your wedding photos tell a story, right from the moment you start your makeup until the last shape is thrown on the dance floor and the prep location can really make a difference to the over all look of your images.

Bad prep location v’s good prep location can mean the difference between great light and poor light, cool decor and average decor. 

You’ve chosen a super cool venue so choosing an alternative prep location that compliments it means you’ll have a more seamless gallery of images… it all flows nicely and the photos sit well next to each other.

It’s like having a 3 course meal at a 5 star restaurant but being given a frozen starter from Iceland.  You’ll kinda feel cheated at the end because you know the starter didn’t quite match the meal.

Sometimes it feels like an easy choice to get ready at say your parents but often parents homes are dark or dare i say it, cluttered :-/ and clutter (especially if it’s not your own style of clutter) can be distracting in your images. 

Below are some images from several weddings where the brides chose a location for prep that was in keeping with their day.

One was their home (which was in keeping with the look), one was an airbnb (and surprising cheap! Eledie also went back to stay with her husband the same night) and the other was an apartment they rented in Spain for their destination wedding. All very different but all look fantastic! They also thought very carefully about prep outfits… the bridesmaids prep outfits in the last set of images are on point!


Couples Home





Air bnb


fun kent wedding photographer kent-swan west malling ELS Photography-004

fun kent wedding photographer kent-swan west malling ELS Photography-003



Rented Apartment






Make sure the prep location is under 20 minutes to the wedding location otherwise you’re paying your photographer to sit in a car when they could be snapping away at the venue! 😉 it also means less traffic stress for you, as no one can account for roadworks or road closeures! 🙂