January 13, 2020



If you dream of those stunning looking weddings that get blogged and

want your photos to have the same visual impact then nail these 10 things

and with me shooting it it’ll be a dream to view from start to finish!

You can totally achieve this with all budgets!

The weddings in my portfolio that were also blogged by the top wedding blogs ranged from 13k to 70k!

I 100% know that if you invest in the right places like i’m talking about below and do it creatively it can easily be achieved on a lower budget too.



ok lets do this!



1. Cool/pretty/quirky prep location and outfits + good light and space for at least 10+ people (bridesmaids, mum, hair + makeup, me…. it gets crowded! and is super hard for me to photograph candids in)

Outfit ideas here




2. Ceremony location:

Think about the light! Light is EVERYTHING for your photos! You want the window light to always face you and not be behind you or to the side of you if can help it, if its a dark room with no/not much natural light, GO BIG on festoons! 




3. Ceremony decor:

Epic backdrops – these look amazing and we can use it for portraits and can also be reused later as a feature wall during dinner or behind your top table – make sure they are easy to move if you want to re use it somewhere else and make sure they are the correct height when standing or seated, they need to be at least a foot above your head.

Isle florals and/or ceiling installations… Again these can all be reused to decorate the bar or the tables.

If you want neons I buy mine from here, i just ordered a 20 inch one for the london show I’m doing plus i wanted to update my office one with my new logo, they are awesome can create anything! the one i bought was £140 including shipping – crazy cheap!!! It would be like £350-£500 in the UK!

They can do any font etc you just have to send them the text and the font, if you need help i’m happy to help you create one, it’ll take me like 15mins! You just need to ask me before April!

I also wouldn’t go smaller than 20″ for a wedding and they need decor around them like florals.

If you want to be different this year and not follow the last two years trends don’t go for as much pampas like above, its been done a lot!

Don’t get me wrong, it looks banging! but i think its good to keep fresh and new! and there’s loads of other stuff you can use to create a similar effect orrrrr do a coloured pampas! it can be done in different colors like pink! That hasn’t been done nearly as much! I love it in pastels! theres examples on my pinterest board too.

above and below, lots of dried flowers! YES! dried!

I think its going to be a big trend this year, mixing dried gives texture too and i love it.

more inspo here



4. Cool non bridesmaidy dresses:

You can get cool dresses from anywhere, traditional bridesmaids dresses tend to look a bit naff/boring and over done. I love seeing brides give their girls badass outfits to wear too!

Bridesmaid inspo here 




5. Epic bouquets.


You’ll never treat yourself to a bouquet quite like it again, so go big or go home 😉

Work with your florist to create something different! 

Nikki (above) chose gypsophila for her bridemaids (with roses) which is cheap as chips! and they sprayed it all ombre! it really does pay to use a cool florist that is willing to experiment and get creative! You can be really creative with less expensive flowers and spray paints! think pastels with a big gold leaf like above!

I wouldn’t advise doing it yourself, they use special paints and you dont want them coming off on your dresses!

Ask your florist to create loose bouquets with movement, tight rigid bouquets aren’t great to photograph.

Get creative with your palettes, be different, be brave! Pastels in winter? or mood in summer? Go for it!

Epic florals inspo here



6. Cool accessories: 

Banging veils, earnings and/or crowns – floral, pearl or metal.

Make a statement, don’t look like just another bride. Look like the queen you are!

Dont be afraid to stand out, you own this day! Bring out your inner sass!

Accessory ideas here 



7. Cool suits:

Think velvet, florals, pastels, tux, double breasted and not dark blue/navy which is so overdone that it now looks like uniform.

They dont have to be expensive, asos and even moss are doing cool stuff now…  You dont even have to wear a suit, you can wear a cool leather jacket from say somewhere like all saints and you can wear it all the time after the wedding, that’s what i call an investment!

Suit inspo here




8. Beautiful tables:

Remember you’ll all be sitting there for up to 3 hours!

If you need help hire one of my recommended stylists, they start from £1k and will do EVERYTHING for you including on the day styling, then you can sit back and relax! I’m all about delegating on big days like weddings, house moves… why add to the stress? it often works out so much cheaper and the time you’ll save looking for shit! will be priceless! lol



9. Shop around! Etsy.com is awesome, you can get cool/sexy lace prep outfits to badass crowns and statement rings much cheaper from independent designers! There’s not much they don’t sell.


10. Use my pinterest for ideas on all of the above and start re-pinning!


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