If I can do it ;)

January 23, 2017

Other than our wedding photos we have no decent photos of us to hang on our wall. Crazy right! 

We do have some iPhone ones but these are pretty low quality and mostly selfies! and not the look I had in mind to grace our newly painted walls!

When we went on holiday in December my main goal was to get some fun shots of us but I also wanted to use this time to put myself in front of the camera and remind myself how my couples might feel.

I’m pretty ok at having my photo taken providing I can lark around because for me being silly means natural smiles and laughter!

We spent 20minutes on the beach (with lots of me running in and out of the shot pressing the shutter because my remote broke! Ha) to get these shots and here’s a Massive irony alert! My husband hates having his photo taken! But it just shows that by making it fun and committing to the moment (connecting and making it about spending time together) anyone can get in front of the camera and look awesome! 😉

If we can do it…! 😉

fun Kent wedding photorgrapher-ELS-Photography-001-3

Fun Destination wedding photographer

Fun Destination wedding photographer