Why great INDOOR light is so important to your photos

January 31, 2018


Great natural light is going to be your best friend your wedding day.

Natural light can be window light (think bright room with big windows) it can be overcast day light (no shadows on the face because its like one big soft box in the sky) or golden light, mmm that gorgeous golden light –  a photographers fave! it’s so flattering, warm, romantic – it’s everything!

Now i know we can’t perfect the light everywhere, you may have chosen a dark venue like a pub or a tipi and of course we can still get great photos but they will be different so you need to bare this in mind too.

I squirm a lot (as do most photographers) at artficial lighting because it’s just so incredibly hard to colour correct. Without getting too technical it’s fine when i’m using flash but natural light images with yucky yellow bulbs above just suck. I often turn the lights of during prep, most make up artists totally (and should) get it, and they should sit you near a window, which should be a given anyway when doing makeup.

Sometimes theres no way around it and it’s been so dark in a prep room that i’ve had no choice but to leave the light on because no ones wants a flash going off every 5 seconds which is why big light rooms are the best!

Here’s some examples for you… yellow artificial lighting vs natural light….




I got Lizizie to sit opposite a window (above) for makeup but the rest of the photos were so dark and orange due to a v dark room and a tiny window as I obviously couldn’t ask everyone to stay in in front of the window…




Below, good bright rooms with natural light


oxo2 mondrian hotel alternative london photographer-Epic-Love-Story-038


Other examples of light for indoor ceremonies…

Below was a darkish pub but there was awesome big windows behind me which lit the couple really well



Below is yellow artificial light and back lit (quite similar to church light), sometimes it can’t be helped but another option in this situation would be to turn the room around (if its a barn or similar) and have the ceremony facing the doors and the guests seated along the widest part of the room so they are lit from the front and the back or if there were no windows – lots of festoon lights!


If you have chosen a dark venue like a barn or tipi think about how you can light the room.

I will only use flash where I have to for the later part of the day but I really love festoon lights which not only give me more light but create a more atmospheric/romantic effect … they can be hung on walls or ceilings…


Screen Shot 2018-02-22 at 11.22.18

You can even use them outside!

The Winding House Wedding Photographer--Epic-Love-Story-004


They give a great amount of light (when i often can’t use flash like for the ceremony) and they look super pretty too! make sure you get the right kind though, the plastic white covered bulbs just don’t give off the twinkle like the ones below and instead they look like big white dot! lol



For dance floor lights try not to use coloured spots otherwise you turn in to that colour on the dance floor when it’s on you lol.


I hope that gives you an idea of what to expect and how light can effect your images, you can maybe rethink a few situations like the ceremony lighting or prep location.

xx Emma