December 8, 2015



Super important info + tips for your wedding day!


Lets start with Videographers!! Gah.

I think most of you know how i feel about these guys! lol, they are either shit (sadly mostly) or amazing both creatively and professionally.

Please please please seek my advice before booking someone.

I’m now adding to my contracts that i’ll only shoot with my recs or if someone i know has shot with them because I’ve had way too many mess up shots and portraits by getting in them or even try to get shitty with me during the portraits!

I had a videographer do this in December at my Scotland wedding and that was why i have now written it in to my new contracts.

They may seem nice when you speak to them but working with them can be totally different.


People I recommend who are lovely and professional:

If I or one of my peers haven’t work with a videographer theres normally a reason why!

I want this to be one of the best experiences for you on your wedding day and i want you to get the images you deserve which is why its so important to get a good videographer.



Want to make your wedding different and wow your guests?

Here’s my tips to get ahead of all the 2019 trends… all ideas can be found on my pinterest


Alternative wedding dresses 



Alternative suits/shirts:


cool boots, statement earings, alternative head wear…



awesome wedding decor 



Badass big bouquets!




Cool prep locations with great light

They make a huge difference to your images giving them continuity and style.

airbnb are great for these.


Main bouquet

Big and lose for maximum impact!

and btw how cool is Jons dark green double breasted suit!

Stay away from blue/navy if you want to be different.


Overdone/dated wedding ideas

vw campers –  so many other cool cars to choose from or have it as a bar instead like below 


gin themes

diy photo frames

ladder/crate table plans/decor

naked cakes

sparkly top bridesmaids – would love to see some velvet this year! or all white boho squad!

cheese cakes

chair covers

Love signs – if you want a sign get creative!



Evening tips

I’ve seen too many grans get cold in the evening and blankets aren’t enough if its a venue that doesn’t have heating like tipis – get fire pits, cosy socks and a few hot water bottles, trust me they’ll love you for it!

Cosey jackets or fluffy cardigans look super cute for you and/or your bridesmaids. I’ve done some chilly summer weddings so a week before check out and the weather and get something cool from asos for you and your girls.




Good food is everything at a wedding – even the simplest of ideas like this salmon and salad sharing platters brought to the tables – it was lush!

cute drink idea… edible flowers 


HOT days

The best ideas i’ve seen last year for some of the sweatiest weddings were pretty fans (you can get these for a pound or less on ebay) and ice lollies after the ceremony! That was genius! They went in seconds! Ask your caterers to get them if its projected to be really hot!




To help me nail this get LOADS! more than you think you need! and only this type below… and if your venue say you can’t have it even though its biodegradable dont listen! haha, i’ve shot nearly 150 weddings and i’ve come to realise its because venues are too lazy to clean it up, it only takes a leaf blower on suction and its gone!

Honestly you’ve paid them so much i’d do it anyway 😉


Cannons please dont use for the main confetti shots, they shoot too high so they land after you’ve gone and i’ve had them let off right next my ear and had ringing in it after! but they are great for first dances as i can control where people let them off! i recommend at least 10. No less.


and no cones, its a waste of money and it doesn’t all get used…. baskets all the way…



DANCE FLOOR – make sure to tell your dj or band to have no spot lights on the dance floor and no smoke machine whilst i’m shooting! It ruins your photos – haze and weird colour spots on your face doesn’t look good. Static lights are better and allow me to do light trails like this… 

this was created using the light from a light up heart the lights were flat so not projecting spots… these are way better in any shape/form.

The best bands are those that dont just stay there but interact with the crowd! I recommend weareforza and Kioko (i follow them on insta and are the vest bands I’ve ever worked with!)




As you can see I’ve been pinning the shit out of ideas lately! from awesome decor, to stunning alternative dresses and one of my faves which i think is going to big this year is alternative crowns!

I’m even having one for our vow renewal in June! Eeeek!

Check out my pinterest accessories section to see what i mean… I still LOVE floral crowns and what i love about crowns in general is they never date! I’ve even got a vintage bride board which shows awesome weddings from the past which were really fashion forward!

Any questions? Just shout <3

Cannot wait to see you all this year/next!


Em xxxxx