Relax and have fun! Portraits…

February 10, 2017


I LOVE this part of the day.

It’s a chance for you both to step away from the craziness of the day, have some ‘alone’ time together, breath and take it all in.

I generally like to split this time in to two (unless it’s a Winter wedding where it’ll need to be done earlier) because over the years i’ve found couples are much more relaxed if the first session is a short and sweet 15 minutes or so just before dinner (because you’ll want to be off enjoying any games/entertainment you have planned and chating to guests!) but it also means that for the 2nd half of portraits (which is about 30 minutes and after dinner – May-September) you’ll have been fed, watered and are generally much more relaxed!

The bonus part here too is that the sun (if it’s out) is normally much softer and the hour before the sun sets is where the light is gorgeous, soft and golden! Nearly all the portraits you see on my website are taken about an hour before sunset!

This all does depend on weather and locations though so leave it with me and i’ll let you know when it’s time 😉 

If the venue doesn’t have any ‘photo ops’ then we may need a little extra time to jump in a car or walk to a field for that amazing backdrop!

MASSIVE TIP! Please ensure you have a min of 2 hours between the end of the ceremony and the time everyone is due to be sat down as there is so much to fit during this time (confetti shot 10mins, time to relax, enjoy any entertainment and food you have, drink and talk to guests 40mins, family shots 20mins, bridal party shots 15mins, mini portrait session 15mins and 20mins for me to shoot room details) less than 2 hours can make it feel very rushed.



If you have had a Love Shoot you should have this part pretty much down, but if not check out my tips….



1. Trust in my vision.

It’s often hard to describe a vision I have for a portrait and a little trust and simply going with my idea could mean we create something pretty awesome together! 



Sometimes i’ll look for a serious moment (creating a cool, kinda still portrait) and sometimes i’ll get you to have fun and be silly to capture natural smiles and laughter! Your portraits will be a doddle if you let go… Kiss, hug, dance, run, twirl! (yep i’ll probably get you to do all of those!)

Don’t take it too seriously!



devon wedding photographer-Epic-Love-Story-009



2. Let go!

I’ll only capture those special moments, your couple quirks, intimate kisses and genuine laughter if you are relaxed with me and let go… 






3. Give me some movie romance! Don’t over think it, It’s just a bit fun!




I need you to commit to that time with me – I can only capture what’s in front of me.

Remember portraits are only about 40 mins out of your entire lives together so the more love, romance and commitment you give to the session the happier you’ll be with your images!

On your wedding day you’ll probably have had a bit of dutch courage by the time we get to your main portraits but if you’ve booked a Love Shoot I really advise taking the day off together to reconnect, have some lunch and a beer! Theres nothing worse than turning up to the shoot tired, hungry and having been sat in traffic on the way!

Your portrait session is a bit of a escapism and i’m honestly not judging you at all, remember that I have seen a thousand kisses and intimate moments. I want to capture your dreamy eyes for each other, those soft romantic kisses and you laughing and being silly with each other so don’t feel weird about me snapping it as all i’m thinking about is how the shot looks and that you are enjoying yourselves 🙂

I want you to feel comfortable being yourselves, whatever that may be, silly, romantic…  and if you can give me a little bit of movie romance – great!



alternative-wedding-photographer-woodland-wedding-venue-kent-Epic-Love-Story-039   alternative-wedding-photographer-woodland-wedding-venue-kent-Epic-Love-Story-023





3. Forget about the dirt!

Don’t worry about your dress! It will get dirty (unless short!) and if you’re a bride who doesn’t mind going bare foot on a beach or climbing a fence in to a field for an awesome shot (even it means getting your dress a little dirty) then you totally rock in my books because you’ll have amazing photos to look at everyday and the dress? well the dress gets put back in a box like mine did 😉





MASSIVE Top tip!

On a wedding day I often see the couple spending a lot of the day apart and only coming together for the ceremony, dinner, portraits and the first dance, that means out of a 12 hour day you’ll probably only see each for about 3 hours! If you can, try to spend more time together while socialising, you’ll also get more natural shots of yourselves together.

I can’t wait to make some amazing portraits with you!


xo Emma