Hello you gorgeous pair!

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You can also order beautiful Fine Art prints (non fade printed for longevity from as little as £5) to frame and display in your home through the gallery too. Couples like to share their gallery link with friends and family too and that way they can order their fave prints of you or themselves – this also saves you having to send friends and family photos individually! (prints can also be shipped abroad).



Here’s the boring but super important bit!

Please read this message thoroughly before viewing and for the best viewing experience it is recommended that a Mac or I Pad is used to see the true colours, PC’s desaturate colours.

1. Your Images will also be sent to you on a USB in High Resolution (ready for print) and Facebook resolution (perfectly sized for the best quality on Facebook/instagram) with a little surprise to help with those post wedding blues within 2-3 weeks 🙂

2. Please ensure your Images are not edited in any way, due to copyright images can not be edited or cropped and this includes use of cropping (like square crop on instagram or Facebook profile photos – instagram and Facebook both allow full size) and no use of filters on social media (please refer to your contract).

3. Please also make sure you back up your images for safe keeping – either on online storage or on a computer at home and perhaps with parents (you can purchase another copy of your USB stick through the gallery for £35.00).

4. Any images used on social media that tag my business page or credited with my website (image by www.epiclovestory.co.uk) is always so hugely hugely appreciated 🙂 it helps other awesome couples find me too! 🙂

5. The link will be active for about 4 months. (If you have ordered an album they will be completed in the New Year, please select 80 fave photos by 31st December by starring them in your gallery and then fill in the form here https://epiclovestory.co.uk/choosing-images-for-your-wedding-album/ (save these links).



I hope you are sitting comfortably with your fave booze! Click the image below to view

Your Epic Love Story!


Thank you once again for letting me share and document your special day!
I had so much fun 🙂

xo Emma