September 10, 2020

Hey! It’s your girl again, keeping it covid real.

I thought it was time again to contact all my mega babe couples in light of the recent news and the possibility of this being something we’re going to be living and battling with for the next year. I know, it fucking sucks.

Word on the street says even if a vaccine does become available we dont know how long it will last BUT there’s also a possibility of being tested minutes before entering events which if does happen would definitely be a game changer!

But still everything is up in the air and numbers are rising again.


being the rational realist I am I wanted to cover all potential options with you guys so you can still get married and have the epic photos you all booked me for 🙂


WHAT ARE Micro weddings, Small weddings + Elopements ?!

I know those types of weddings are not the day you thought of and planned but honestly so many people I know including myself wish we had done this! Not to put a damper on big weddings coz I totally love these! but in the light of the way we are living for the foreseeable future it means there might have to be some hard decisions like making it smaller/intimate event or even eloping just the two of you or with a small group of your faves.

It’ll also help with any anxiety you might be having now if you plan for this or even change it all now to a smaller wedding and/or elopement. and if the day comes and everyones allowed then why not make that decision nearer the time and invite them! You could even have them all come for cocktails and desserts after the main course.

There are sooo many options!


Micro weddings:

Basically a wedding with less than 10 people or just the couple themselves, often in the city.

With 3-4 hours coverage.

Coverage normally works like this:

12pm getting ready (together or 1-2 bridesmaid/s so its covid appropriate in a small space)

1pm taxi to venue

1.15pm couple see registrar

1.30pm ceremony

2pm confetti + family photos

2.15 portraits, we can go to a bar for a drink and wander the city streets for photos 🙂

3pm finish.

I’ll be sharing the micro wedding i shot below this week so keep an eye out! 


I’ve now had 5 out of my 30 2020 couples say fuck it and have a micro wedding this year (3 of which I’m shooting soon) and they are still going ahead with a big wedding next year (which may turn in to a small wedding of 30 if this continues, we just don’t know) and they are still having a ceremony but making it like a blessing or renewal. So to everyone else it basically looks the same as a regular ceremony and wedding! So you get to have 2 weddings! I mean that’s awesome right! Especially after this  year!

If you dont want to wait and fancy the idea of me shooting your sexy little city elopement too there’s information and prices on my website for these here 


This day should be documented too, its the real day you said I do! I totally didn’t mean to rhyme that. If you’re sentimental like me I’d hate for any of my couples to look back and regret not having it captured professionally. 


Small weddings:

These are basically the same as the wedding day you planned just with a smaller number of guests. Normally 30 or less. Coverage is the same too. 


Making it smaller…

If you’ve already sent invites out for the original wedding date and need to scale it down (basically un invite – eek) dont panic because people will totally understand given recent events! This also frees up your budget for even more lavish decor and food and booze for your ultimate fave guests! Small doesn’t have to mean less! 

Also why not have a friend live stream the ceremony to your guests that can’t come!

This is something to really think about, prepare now so that come the day you might have to make this decision you are armed and ready! 



Destination Elopements:

I’ve now had 3 other couples completely cancel their UK wedding and decide to do a destination elopement!

One couple is taking me with them to San Fran in 2022 where they will be road tripping California and they’ve also asked me to be their witness <3 so they will basically being doing a road trip, wedding and honeymoon over 4 weeks!

I’ve had another couple do the same and are taking me to New York with them for their city hall wedding next June.

and the 3rd couple has booked the date but still deciding on a location.

All 3 of them have said they actually feel relieved now they have this plan as they felt the big wedding was starting to overwhelm them, I get that, it’s not for every couple.

Basically if you choose to do this the world is your oyster!
You can get married just the two of you or say up to 10 guests.


Think pretty Palm Springs, crazy Las Vegas, quiet mountain tops in the alps, sexy santorini, the morocan dessert, Venice!

I went to Venice recently for our 10 year anniversary and omg it was soooo beaut! but i’d recommend to go out of season like May or October when its less busy and a bit cooler coz August was a bit sweaty lol.

Info and prices for destination weddings can be found here.




Just the two of you or say 10 people for a gorge meal in the evening. Hire one of my planner friends to take the stress of reorganising away and they can decorate a special place for you to have dinner for photos like this. The money you’ll have saved from having the bigger wedding will 100% pay for it. This is totally what we wish we’d done. I would also advise maybe choosing a location that has almost been Covid free this year like Iceland, Caribbean, Virgin Islands, some Greek islands… That way at least you know you’re not going to have the problems we’ve had in UK, France and Spain.



Smaller lavish wedding with 30 guests

Stunning outdoor set ups for up to 30 guests… again keeping it covid friendly with outdoor receptions, which I think more couples need to jump on coz its so damn pretty. I mean if you’ve got the outside space and the weather looks good, why wouldn’t you?