YOUR GUIDE TO HAVING AN awesome Micro wedding !

So you’ve got your venue and your photographer, Ace!

Remember, just because you’re having a small wedding doesn’t

mean you can’t go all out and make it look insane!

So here’s what you need to do next in order where applicable…



1. Book a florist an EPIC bouquet!

Even if you don’t know what you want yet just get them booked in. All of my recorded suppliers are awesome so any of them will do something amazing for you. This is the only time you’ll get a bouquet like this so go big! They make such an impact in your photos. If you’re having dinner in a restaurant it doesn’t mean you can’t make the tables look awesome too! Make everything special, treat yourselves!

Also if you’ve not booked a restaurant yet, some couples have booked big/cool Airbnbs and hired a chef!

My recommended suppliers are at the bottom…



2. Book hair and make up + Your cool hotel or airbnb

If you want prep documented…

My recommended hair/makeup suppliers are at the bottom.

Don’t forget to get a cute/sexy outfit or robe for these morning photos. Asos or Etsy are great for these.

Also please make sure the getting ready location has plenty of space for covid safety. If you can’t get somewhere with lots of space there must only be 4 people including me so we aren’t tripping over each other and space invading lol.



3. The Dress!

You dont have to spend a fortune to look awesome!

Micro wedding elopement vibes look cute with short or long dresses.

My recs are below and range from £200+ and lots are ready to wear options you can try on at home.

There are no rules to outfits!

You can wear any colour or style although my BIG TIP is stay away from bright reds, bright oranges and bright pinks as these are in your skin tones and are a nightmare to edit and distracting in images.


Got a smile dress? get an epic veil or head band.


4. The Suit!

Guys have fun with it!

Don’t look like you’re going to the office in a navy blue suit which EVERY GROOM wears! lol

Think, tux, pastels… you dont HAVE to wear a tie or a 3 piece. 



5. Confetti!






DRESS: (they do awesome add ons for simple dresses)




cool ready to wear dresses you can try on at home…



Super cool jewellery + ACCESSORIES

Dont be afraid to go big on accessories, make a statement!

Howling moon

Confetti: Dont go without!

This confetti 100% biodegrable..

Any questions just shout!

You’ll get a timeline form through soon too.

XO Emma