How to make cutting the cake less awkward and more fun!

January 6, 2017
Quite often the cake cutting part of the day can be an odd moment.
Everyone is summoned to watch as you cut a cake together and it can sometimes look a bit forced, awkward and often it’s a bit of an anti climax if you just stand there hold the knife and wait for people to take photos!
A lot of couples look to me for help and ask ‘what do we do with the knife?’ do I just hold it? Do we actually cut it? Do we do it together? How do we hold it?
It can be an awkward moment for some couples because cutting a cake to an audience is not something we do everyday and probably not something you think about until that very moment.
When I look back to my wedding day I wish i’d just taken a big chunk and stuffed my face then my husbands face because it would be a much funnier photo, instead we are smiling apprehensively at a camera holding a knife together (this was 6 years ago before I became a wedding photographer!) because it’s what we thought we should do even though it felt kinda weird! And what does it even mean???!! haha

It’s of course a tradition (and something to do with the first task as a married couple – I think!) that most couples want to do but it’s often a photo that most couples won’t use if they have an awkward moment!

So if you want to make it fun and a bit less traditional then do just that – have fun with it! Ignore me (or play up to me!) cut the cake together, take a huge bite, stuff a piece in each others faces (who cares?!) – it really doesn’t matter but what matters is that you have fun and don’t feel or look awkward 🙂

Or you can do what some of my couples have done and scrap this part altogether! Or be a bit different and have the cake cutting outside if you’re having a summer wedding.

It’s your day, relax, have fun, be silly, make up the rules and get stuck in!
(sophie was dying to try this cake and just didn’t care what anyone else thought, she was getting stuck in! and totally played up to the camera lol – love it!) and remember this is not a shot you’ll ever get framed (formal or informal myself and my photographer pals have never had a couple order the cake cutting shot for all the reasons above) so who cares if you get a bit of cake on your face – its better than looking wooden right? 😉