Fun + colourful Winter Barn Wedding


Sophie + Matts wedding at Upwaltham Barns had EVERYTHING on point.

Sophies colour theme hit literally every colour loving bone in my body! The dress was stunning (by Joanne Flemming who made my wedding dress too!) with colourful embroidery which matched her stunning jacket and earrings and those flowers, OMFG!!! they were huge you could barely wrap your hand around it but they were A-MAZING! (by Fig Tree Flowers) and had little pom poms to match all the decorations.

Sophie + Matt also had the biggest bridal party i’ve ever had! The bridesmaids outfits were mismatched long skirts and sparkly tops.

These guys totally embraced the portrait session and because of that we got amazing portraits together. Matt was (like a lot of grooms) a bit shy about having his photo taken but i think my mickey taking broke down some barriers hehe and we all just laughed together. Thats whats the portrait session is about, laughing, banter, hugs and kisses! If you can do that, you’ll nail it!

Sophie + Matt also gave me the best cake eating shots! scroll down and you’ll see what i mean and the dance floor was packed, Sophie also wins ‘the bride who gave it the most on the dance floor’ award. Totally smashed it!









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