Videographers that ruin your photos

September 28, 2016

Videographers (just like photographers) can be amazing or pretty terrible…

Good videographers not only give you awesome little ‘music video’ style masterpieces they also know how to work with a photographer and respect their boundaries.

Bad videographers get in your shots (when they should be looking out for where your photographer is) or have massive equipment (not needed in 2016!) which again gets in all your shots and they also like to nab key spaces for the ceremony and speeches when it’s where your photographer should be standing or they try and ‘take over’ during portraits making the whole experience not very fun or relaxing and in the process they’ve ruined some of your images and stressed everyone out…

Below are a few shots from last years weddings where the wrong videographers were chosen… :-/



Mother of the bride shots ruined by the distraction of a huge tripod in the background!

This was the only place I could stand to capture her reaction as further to my right was the other videographer!

A good videographer understands that the photographer should be able to shoot and not see them in the shot, it’s about working together but some videographers are so caught up in getting their shots and have no consideration for the photographer or the couple.



The videographers should be working from behind or to the side of me, out of shot. 

I deliberately took this shot because I knew it would help show my future couples see what can happen when they don’t choose the right videographer… luckily I managed to wave him back and get the couple the shots we wanted!



In this photo the videographer in most of the shots and he left his bag visible! (on the right of the image). I have no idea why he placed himself there, he was trapped and could only get the back of the couples heads! He was unable to get any guests reactions or a full view of them taking their vows…



Giant sound boom from 1995?! haha. I did crop this for the couple, but it’s not really the point…


Sometimes when there’s is a bit of budget left over its tempting to get ‘anyone’ but don’t choose a budget videographer, either go without or get an awesome one.

I regret not having one when we got married and so when my friend got married 2 years later I told her that was my regret, she booked one of my recommendations and the video they gave her gave me goose bumps. It was so beautiful.

If you need some recommendations email me 🙂