Confetti Goals! and where to buy it

August 24, 2017


Awesome confetti shots dont just happen.

Aside from a good photographer, you need A LOT of confetti and enthusiastic confetti throwers!

You also need the right kind of confetti too…

Here’s my experience of confetti types:

Dried (BELOW) – it can look kind of wishy washy or hardly noticeable even with a super fast shutter speed- see below

Then there is Paper.

Paper floats so much better than petals so the individual larger paper pieces are captured better like the shots below.

You can also be much more particular with the shape (round or square) and the colour and most paper confetti is now biodegradable. 


Finally if your venue is being mean and won’t allow any kind of paper (despite being biodegradable) I’d advise real freeze dried petals, but they can be costly and still don’t look as good! so do what i do and totally IGNORE THEM! ;p I mean, what are they going to do? You’ve paid them loads and they are just being mean and quite frankly lazy – they just need a leaf blower on suction!

Here is an example of how real petals look…

Personally biodegrable paper is my favourite and large pieces (think 20p-50p size) and super colourful!

Square and circle confetti looks super cool!

Also don’t bother with cones, get a basket, its much easier for guests to get big handfuls of! 


So to help your photographer achieve a great confetti shot you want it to be colourful, a descent size and LOT’S of it.

If you are going to do a confetti shot (and I LOVE them) do it well.

  1. Colourful – colour colour colour. Think rainbows! (don’t ever choose white! it can get lost in the photo if you have white buildings or an overcast sky!)
  2. Paper – Tissue paper type confetti floats all prettily before landing. (most paper confetti is biodegradable now)
  3. Get me to the aisle! I like to orchestrate this part of the day and depending on how much confetti you have, the location and weather will depend on wether we go for an aisle shot (my fave) or a standing still shot. Aisle shots are the best as I get lots of movement as you walk through! 
  4. LOT’s of it. I mean lots. don’t scrimp on a handful per guest, measure enough for one massive handfull per guest from a basket or large bowl will do and is much quicker and cheaper! 

and Wallah! A confetti explosion 🙂

Why not get some big colourful canons for the first dance! You will need a minimum of 5



Some places to buy it, although you might find even better!


Circle confetti


Cannons great for first dances! i recommend at least 5.


xo Emma