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I learnt the hard way.

I got married in 2012 and didn’t have a clue about unplugged ceremonies because it wasn’t really a thing then. It just never occurred to me to ask our guests not to take pictures, I mean why would it? Until I looked back on our images and saw a couple were ruined by phones and cameras.

There is beautiful shot of my mum walking me down the isle and the photographer is shooting from my husbands perspective watching me walk towards him and then in the background there is a guest (the ushers now ex girlfriend) half stepping in the isle, arm stretched out with a camera. Of course she meant well and never knew that it would ruin this beautiful shot but sadly it did.


How much nicer would this shot be with no phones! or with the guests watching the whole ceremony through their phone whilst filming it like the shot below? much nicer without right!



Last year lot’s of my savvy couples started doing it and now I advise all my couples to do the same! From my perspective as a photographer it’s fantastic. It means I have freedom to do my job and NONE of your shots will be ruined by guests camera flashes or phones and cameras sticking out as you triumphantly skip up and down the isle. Instead what you will have is a beautiful isle shot of happy faces looking at YOU and not their camera or phone.

Unplugged also means that your guests are actually present at your wedding. As someone who spends a huge amount of time looking at life through a lens sometimes ‘lens living’ can takes away just ‘being’ in the present moment. I sometimes have to remind myself to look around, breath and take it all in. I think we all have a bad habit of living our lives through some sort of device and by doing this we miss out on so much.




(no phones = guests actually watching you both!)
Ever been to a concert and filmed it through your phone or camera? what you get is a pretty poor visual compared to the naked eye and you probably didn’t enjoy it as much as you could have done and I bet you never watched that video again.

Truly being in that moment, feeling the emotion and energy and actually taking it all in is something that can’t be replicated through any device. Your guests will enjoy your ceremony much more without worrying about getting ‘that shot’ which lets face it, is unlikely to be as good as the wedding photographers but it just ruined one of your wedding photos!

There are many ways you can request this too…  on a cute print out placed on your the ceremony chairs (above) on a chalk board or ask your officiant to announce at the beginning of the ceremony.


Advice by Kent wedding photographer Emma B at Epic Love Story Photography