If there was an apocalypse….

Haha, ok probably not going to happen but if the s@%t did hit the fan most of us would have nothing to remember our loved ones by. That’s a sad story.

We are the first generation to have an incredible amount of access to photos. We take selfies, video our children (or in my case my pets!) but we still only have about a dozen photos (but much likely less) printed and framed in our homes.

It’s not often I have to convince my couples how important albums are, 90% order them because they are so beautiful they kind of sell themselves, but very occasionally they look get overlooked and this most likely means that their entire wedding will get left on a USB and hardrive or they’ll just have a couple of shots printed and it makes me soooo sad. Not because I want to sell albums (ok of course I want to sell albums) but because it genuinely makes me to see my work in print (what it’s meant for) and even happier happy when I see just how over the moon my couples are at seeing their wedding printed and I know how proud they’ll feel showing the album off to their friends and family. This is what albums are for. Sharing special moments and memories with family. 


Family memories…

When I was a little girl I would pour (literally for hours) over my Nan’s photo albums. Things just looked so different back then and I was totally fascinated. Looking at how young she was with her white blonde hair in a victory roll, red lipstick (so my nan told me) and her top casually falling off her left shoulder as she sat leaning against a wall in a field with my grandad wearing her cat eye sunglasses. 

I remember exactly how the prints felt too. They weren’t glossy like todays yucky high street prints. (Ok i’m a bit of a snob when it comes to prints) but i figure for only a few extra few pounds you get beautiful fine art prints that doesnt fade. It’s a no brainer right? or as my husband says ‘buy cheap buy twice!’ I think he’s referring to tools when he’s saying this… 

Now imagine if my nan hadn’t printed any of her photos and she said “here you go Emma take a look at this USB of my life.” Even worse imagine if my nan had lost the USB that contained all of her wedding photos or her computer crashed and all her memories were wiped away in an instant because she accidentally spilled tea over her laptop (with sugar – yes this is apparently worse! sorry Mr B!).


How many prints do you have on your walls?

There are varying degrees of quality for both prints and albums too, from cheap poor quality high street ‘prints’ to naff low quality ‘albums’. You can really tell the difference between them too. You really do get what you pay for.

High street prints are not set up with yucky colour profiles and so you get a print that often looks very different to the original image plus over time they will fade. 

Its time to print…

We took on a massive renovation project this year and it’s almost finished so next week i’ll be ordering more prints to display on our walls because I love it when i’m putting on my shoes, or making dinner and I catch one of our favourite memories staring right back at me 🙂