Winter wedding photography

April 12, 2015



Hot chocolate and heart shaped marshmallows anyone? 

Autumn/Winter weddings (Late October to February) are becoming increasingly popular for couples to get married and many venues, suppliers and photographers are now as busy throughout the winter as they are at other points in the year.

Cosy fires, crisp ruby red and burnt orange autumn leaves, the chance of snow and twinkly fairy lights are just some of the appealing factors for couples choosing a winter wedding.

As a wedding photographer though, winter weddings can be quite tricky to photograph. Your photographer needs to be able to be good with their flash and copes well with low light situations.

Here are a few tips to consider when choosing a Winter wedding:

1. To achieve natural light portraits your ceremony should really finish no later than 1pm. In December the sunsets at about 4pm. If you want some daylight candids/group shots and portraits this is an ideal timeline…

1pm ceremony

1.30pm confetti, drinks, breather/chatting to guests, entertainment 

2.30pm groups shots and portraits

3.15 everyone to be seated

3.30pm dinner (light will going at this point)

 festoon light-winter wedding photography kent-Epic-Love-Story-001-3

2. Choose a venue that has enough room for indoor group shots just incase the heavens open and we can’t go outside. 

3. Timings – prepare for worst case scenarios! Snow will look great in photos but it will cause delays in traffic too. It’s also worth considering accommodation for your photographer if they have to travel more than 40 minutes to your venue to ensure there are no weather related traffic incidents to contend with on the day.

4. Hire some cool neon signs! Not only do they look awesome for portraits but your guests will love them for selfies 😉

The bell in ticehurst wedding photography-Epic-Love-Story-007-2

5. If you’ve been pinning lot’s of golden light Summer weddings on Pinterest stop right now!

Your images are unlikely to to look like this unless we are super lucky and are blessed with an awesome sunset.

The light in winter is totally different to that golden summer haze and colours, tones and light will be very different! so search for winter wedding photography images instead for a more realistic view on what’s achievable.

Pinterest is amazing for ideas but also bare in mind your wedding is not going to be  the same as someone else’s day and so try not to get too caught up in reproducing someone else’s wedding, it’s your wedding day and that’s what’s special!



6. Fairy/festoon lights! and lot’s of them! Not only do they look amazing but they really help if the venue is poorly or badly lit plus they look so pretty indoors and out!

7. Prepare for the cold and possible bad weather. Have a cute leather or faux fur jacket for the evening/portraits.

Pack wellies, umbrellas, blankets…  all these things will take the edge off the weather and they will give us some great shots


8. Create another portrait opportunity later in the day with sparklers! 


Hope you found this making the most of your winter wedding photography post helpful!